Girls Chesvan Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

A Gutten Chodesh to you and your family! We are so grateful to have had a wonderful, uninterrupted month packed with games, activities, thought-provoking discussions and more! As we delve into Kislev with our brand-new themes, I want to take a moment to reflect on all that we gained in Cheshvan.

As a reminder, we broke out our Cheshvan themes with a scavenger hunt and scratch art to explore the value of staying hopeful when things seem gray. The entire month was filled with activities to emphasize the importance of trusting in Hashem when things seem difficult and realizing that we, and not our circumstances, control our happiness. The girls were given a task to complete a puzzle, with some girls blindfolded and some with their hands tied behind their backs. The girls persevered through this challenge and appreciated the beauty of the finished puzzle when all the pieces fit together perfectly!

Next, we played hot potato, and each child either received extra middos money for our monthly store or got prize as they unwrapped the layers! We learned as a group that things are not always as plain as they appear on the surface. As the month went on, we painted and potted flower pots, exploring how through darkness often comes beauty and light! We also spent a session emphasizing how we control our own happiness and learned that “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” To assist the girls with developing a sense of self-awareness about their overall attitude in life, the girls each decorated a slap bracelet to take home and wear. The group was prompted to keep it on their right wrist when they find themselves being positive and move it to their left wrist when they switch to negative thoughts.

As the month continued, the girls decorated popcorn as we explored that sometimes all we need is a little pressure to help us “pop” to our fullest potential! We ended the month with a fabulous “seer, runner, doer,” activity, in which the groups had to work together to replicate a poster that only the “seers” saw. The “seers” then explained what they saw to the “runners,” who dictated the instructions to the “doers.” The posters came out amazing and the groups explored that even though we feel “blind” sometimes, Hashem always gives us the tools we need to complete our mission.

I’d like to wish Ms. Domb Mazel Tov on her engagement! It is with bittersweet feelings that we part with her as she moves on to this next stage in life. We are delighted to announce that Sari Lebovics will be joining Ms. Belkin’s group as Ms. Domb’s last day approaches. Sari has already substituted for us once and shadowed the group a second time. It is clear that her level of enthusiasm combined with her knack for engaging with kids makes her a perfect candidate for the position.

We’re looking forward to another uninterrupted month ahead of us packed with new themes, games and activities! As a reminder, we are on Chanukah vacation from December 3rd through the 10th and resuming on the 11th.  I wish you and your family a wonderful month of Kislev and a great Chanukah.

Chana Perel Handler
Director, Atideinu