Photo Gallery 5779


Auction, Banquet and Awards Ceremony

WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!! The kids had a fantastic last day at their auction, banquet and award ceremony.

Community Beachball Game

The kids played a community beach ball game as they internalized the importance of communal responsibility.


Happy Birthday CP

Happy birthday, CP! The girls made an awesome surprise party with cupcakes, signs and fresh fruit!

Goals Gumball Machine

Check out these amazing goals the kids made for themselves as they created their very own “goals gumball machine”

Human Candy Land

The kids played human candy land as they explored the importance of always having a goal and striving to reach it

Surprise Engagement Party

Mazel tov, Miss Ausband, and Miss Belkin! The girls planned a fantastic surprise engagement party for them!

Middos Mention Mountain

In preparation for our video, the kids volunteered to come in on a Sunday and move all of their existing middos mention to create the shape of a mountain!

Pieces of me Puzzle

 The kids made a puzzle with pieces that represent who they are and what their values are as we explored various ways of managing peer pressure

Sefiras Haomer Charts

The kids created awesome sefiras haomer charts as we counted up to receive the Torah!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Miss Cohen! We love and appreciate you!

Downtime Photos

Check out some of these downtime pictures as the kids unwind after a long day at school

Emoji Spinners

The children decorated their very own emoji spinners as we began to process the importance of feeling identification and emotional intelligence

Feelings Bingo

The group played a game of feelings bingo where the leader read a scenario and the kids had to identify what feeling was the BEST FIT for the character in the scenario read.

List of Games

Check out his excited face as the list of games he put together from the group arrived at Atideinu!

Pesach Project

The kids worked diligently to create a unique Pesach project to bring home

Rosh Chodesh Store

The group had a fantastic time redeeming all their middos money at our Rosh Chodesh store!

Adar Beis

White Board

Check out our new activities for Adar Beis! We were so excited to have an extra month this year to explore these fabulous themes and continue to explore practical tips on how to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Adar Beis Breakout with AY Nakdimen

We were thrilled to welcome back AY Nakdimen for our Adar Beis breakout! Check out some pictures and videos below.

Adar Beis Breakout with Mrs. Chafetz

We are so grateful that Mrs. Smadar Chafetz came to DJ for our girls Adar Beis breakout! The girls (and staff!) had a fabulous time. Thank you, Mrs. Chafetz!

Purim Chagiga

Check out our pictures from our fabulous Purim Chagiga and some of the spectacular costumes below!

Happiness Chalkboards

The children personalized and decorated their very own “happiness chalkboards,” as they identified and explored various things in life that make them happy.

Purim Project

The group worked diligently and put forth so much effort to produce these beautiful projects for Purim!

Mishloach Manos

Our boys had a great time creating and putting together individualized butterfly mishloach manos!

Happy Birthday to Ms. Belkin

Second Middos Mention Party of the Year!

We had a special s’mores Middos Mention party as we reflected on the whopping 970+ Middos Mentions that the kids received this year, so far, that filled out our Middos Mention entire wall!

Kids Playing

Check out some pictures of the kids playing, relaxing and having fun.

Adar Alef

White Board

Check out our whiteboards for Adar Alef that highlight our brand new themes about relating to others and happiness in life!

Attitude Notebooks

The children decorated attitude notebooks as they explored how perspective directly correlates to our happiness levels. Check out the video below, as they read Chanie Gorkin’s “Worst Day Ever?” poem to really drive this lesson home.

3 Pillars of the World Decorations

The kids made these beautiful window decorations as they learned how kindness is one of the 3 pillars that the world stands on.

Mini Hamentashen

The kids decorated mini hamentashin in honor of Purim Katan!

Diamonds in a Minefield

The groups partnered up as they searched for “diamonds,” blindfolded, in a minefield. They relied solely on their partners verbal guidance to help them collect the diamonds as we explored the value of always having a “leader” who “guides us” in the right direction.

Parties, Downtime, & Extra Projects

Check out some pictures from the past few months of our parties, downtime, extra projects and more!


White Board

Check out our brand new themes for Shevat as we learn all about the amazing world Hashem created and what it means to identify and use our resources!


The children got cozy as they watched a magnificent slideshow of amazing nature scenes in Hashem’s beautiful world!

Nature Paintings

The kids created beautiful nature paintings on their very own canvases as we explored the concept of “Ma Rabu Ma’asechah Hashem.”

Egg Drop Challenge

The groups were given a raw egg in a ziploc bag and were challenged to create a strong exterior for it using only the “resources” provided so that the egg wouldn’t break when dropped from a high height! The kids explored the importance of identifying and using our “resources” so we, ourselves, don’t “crack” when things get tough.

Tu B'Shevat Project!

The kids made a beautiful project for Tu B’Shevat as we honored the birthday of the trees

You "Mint" A Lot To Me Jars!

The groups explored the many benefits of experiencing and expressing appreciation. The kids identified someone in their life to whom they don’t regularly express appreciation and decorated “You mint a lot to me jars,” filled with mints for them!

Atideinu Workout Class!

The boys enjoyed an intensive work-out lead by our very own Danny Firestone, as they explored what a wonderful resource exercise can be.

Middos Mention Party!

Wow! Hard to believe that we filled up more than half our Middos Mention Wall before we are even half-way through our year! The kids participated in a Middos Mention Ice Cream Party as they reviewed the meanings of the traits on the Middos Mentions and played a fun game of Middos Mention taboo.


White Board

Check out are brand new monthly themes and activities for Teves!


The groups broke out our Teves themes with a pinata as they explored the importance of being a “strong and full” person who doesn’t break easily from “heavy blows”

Identity Tree Project

The kids created, decorated and framed their very own identity trees as we explored the importance of self-identity and being fully aware of our unique strengths.

Bubble Painting

The girls had a great time with their creative bubble painting as they explored that just like bubbles, this world is beautiful but temporary.

No-Sew Fleece Pillows

The groups made “no sew fleece pillows” as they explored the importance of having a lot of “stuffing” inside them!


White Board

Check out our monthly calendar and our white board with our exciting new Kislev themes!

Kislev Breakout 2018

The girls had a fabulous time learning about being a light unto the nations, as they waved their glow sticks around! We also explored that a true Kiddush Hashem can be done anywhere, in private or public, as we decorated our very own “Kiddush Hashem” jars.

Hygiene Bags

The kids had a great time decorating their hygiene bags as we explored the importance of self-respect and cleanliness.

Spinning Dreidel Cards

The boys blow their spinning dreidel cards and watch the dreidel spin as they get in the spirit of Chanukah.

Sun Catchers

The boys decorated sun-catchers as they explored how we bring light to the world with each mitzvah we do!

Girls Party

The girls played games and enjoyed latkas and doughnuts as we celebrated Chanukah at our Atideinu Chanukah party! 

AY Concert

Thank you to AY Nakdemin for the amazing concert and show that he put on for our boys! 

Check out all our videos and pictures from this event by clicking below.


White Board

Check out our awesome Cheshvan themes of the month!

Cheshvan Breakout 2018

The group broke out the monthly themes with scratch art to explore the importance of staying hopeful and positive when things are gray. Underneath a dark surface is often something beautiful if we hang in there! We also explored how life is not about what happens to you, but what you make of it.

Getting Rosh Chodesh Prizes: Girls

Our girls got their Rosh Chodesh prizes for Cheshvan 2018, and they love them!

New Ping Pong Table – Thank You!

Thank you to Sender and Rina Radcliffe for buying us a brand new ping pong table! The kids love it!

The Whole Picture

With our boys and girls program: it is important to stay hopeful when things are hard, and then Hashem shows us the whole picture.

Painting Flower Pots

The boys painted flower pots to prepare for the flowers they planted! The group explored how with hard work and effort, things that may seem bleak and boring become fruitful and beautiful.

Through Darkness and Dirt Come Light!

The girls explored the many connections of Cheshvan’s themes with flower potting. It’s important to stay hopeful when things feel gray!

Clay: Mold the life you want to live

The kids make clay as they explore how life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we make of it!

Popcorn: Pop to your fullest potential!

The kids make popcorn and learn that sometimes a little pressure is what it takes to help us pop to our fullest potential!!!

Seer, Runner, Doer

The groups worked hard together to replicate a poster that only the “seers” saw. We explored the importance of using challenges to grow stronger and not give up!

Some Downtime Photos From Cheshvan

Check out some relaxing and birthday pictures from Cheshvan!

We'll miss you, Ms. Domb!

The girls surprised Miss Domb with a good bye poster as we wished her farewell on her last day.

Rosh Chodesh Store!

The kids had such a great time exchanging all the Middos Money they saved up for these awesome prizes at the Rosh Chodesh store!


1st Day 2018!

Welcome back to Atideinu! The groups had a great time doing a get to know you you activity, as they explored all the ways they are connected.

Boys Making Sukkahs

The boys built “kosher” Succahs using only the supplies provided. Just as the supplies helped create a beautiful Succah, they explored how their strengths work together to become the best people they can be!

Creating a Pixelated Person

The boys created their own unique person to reflect how we take our individual traits that Hashem gives and become the greatest people we can be!

Boys Playing

Some boys in our after-school program getting in some leisure time and playing pool and other games.

Woodworking with Peter Baum

We had a guest come and show the boys all about woodworking – master craftsman Peter Baum. Thank you!!