100% of parents recommend Atideinu. Read on to learn why.

Over the course of this year, our son has grown by leaps and bounds. His ability to relate to others, his self-confidence and his ability to navigate frustrating circumstances have all improved significantly. He finds happiness in his success and accomplishments. Thank you for giving him the tools he needed to navigate the ups and downs of life.

N.S., A Parent

I still believe Atideinu is helping save her life and future.

E.G., A Parent

When we think back on these pre-teen years, I know that Atideinu will be a positive memory and our child will use all the skills learned there to navigate life’s difficulties ahead. We couldn’t have asked for a better program….

B.L., A Parent

Our son enjoys the program and looks forward to coming every week. I have seen tremendous growth in maturity, academic ability, and life skills. Teachers and intervention specialists have noticed significant improvement.

Our daughter thrives in your program. She has really blossomed this year. Thank you for being a huge part of our family!

Praise for Atideinu from an Educator

Watching the growth and progress of the Atidenu program, from conception, has been incredible. Atidenu developed into a concrete skills-based program infused with not just a love for yiddishkeit but practical tools in keeping Torah values throughout our girls’ daily actions. The accomplishments are impressive. Yet, watching the girls’ growth in social interactions, self-esteem, self-advocacy, and developing into truly well-rounded citizens in our school and community is the true celebration. Teachers, parents, and support personnel in our school all identify the ‘Atidenu girls’ as girls with a higher social-emotional awareness and skill level. 

Public schools invest substantial amounts money in Social-Emotional Learning curriculums hoping the skills transfer into their daily lives. Atidenu has created a robust and streamlined SEL program for our kids with Torah as the centrifugal force. I’ve seen first hand, the concrete differences between other SEL programs and the skill-based program at Atidenu. 

Tehillah Stelzer

We are so grateful for what you give to our daughter – in religion, emotional support and an amazing safe environment.

L.S., A Parent

Such an amazing program that should be available to everyone.
We are so grateful for all you do.

Thank you so much for this amazing program and your dedicated staff. Our son has grown so much in the two years he has been here and his confidence, self-image and leadership skills have increased exponentially. We are so grateful to every individual who has had a part in this process. Thank you!

A parent

  We are so happy and thankful to be paired with Atideinu. It makes a real difference in their lives. Thank you!

Rabbi Ashi Newman, Principal, HAC Boys

My son thrived as a part of Atideinu. We look forward to the Alumni program and wish you Hazlacha in all your endeavors. Thank you for being such a positive influence on my son.

He has had an awesome year in school and at home. We see so much growth! He can’t wait for another year of Atideinu, and neither can we!

Thank you so much for such a great year!

My daughter loves coming to Atideinu. She is learning so much about herself and gaining skills necessary to succeed in school and life. She has really blossomed this year. Thank you for being a huge part of our family!

My daughter feels loved and safe, and she is so happy.

I have seen tremendous growth in maturity, academic ability, and life skills.

I really see improvement in the reduction of anger episodes.
She is more aware of herself and her feelings.

He has become a good friend, and he won’t miss school if it means missing Atideinu. He LOVES staff and talks about them He loves his friends. He has grown into a confident boy by belonging to this group.

He doesn’t get excited about many things, but he is excited about this!

She is happier and has made more friends. Her self-expression has also improved.

We love Atideinu.

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