About Our 4-6 Grade Program

Atideinu’s elementary program is dedicated to giving kids the tools they need to successfully meet the challenges of their teen and young adult years.

We believe in prevention by early intervention.

That is the power of the Atideinu program. 

Each session for our elementary students is carefully designed to ensure that children will leave having integrated new concepts that will have them feeling healthy, confident and happy.

We have found the best way to welcome students into Atideinu is to present each child with a handbook so they understand the expectations we have for them during the time in the program.  The handbook provides accountability and helps acclimate each child to the Atideinu system.

“I have three children who are a part of Atideinu. I can’t speak highly enough about this program. Each of my children are gaining something different from Atideinu. I love all the staff and appreciate the gifts they are giving my children and family. I owe a true debt of gratitude to Chana Perel of her endless work for the betterment of my children and for her continual kind words! I look forward to watching each of my children grow in their love for Yiddishkeit and blossom as human beings as a part of Atideinu!”


A Parent

Getting Our Daily Program Underway

Our after-school program consists of downtime and snack time to begin.

Often, the kids come in with a lot of energy after a long day in school.

The first twenty minutes or so, the kids play games, read books, or catch up with the Leaders.

After downtime is over, we have snack time, when the group catches up together about their day, while eating a healthy snack.

Once snack time is over, the group gets ready for the daily activity, which directly correlates to the themes of the month.  Each activity is thoughtfully designed to teach principles of mental, spiritual and emotional health incorporating Torah concepts.

Because we include spiritual learning in our program, we have seen students develop a passion and joy for Judaism while fostering a strong sense of identity for our community. This helps each Atideinu participant to make lifelong healthy choices for mind, body and soul.

With the help of our talented and experienced staff, kids grow to be adults who participate fully and joyfully in Jewish life and build generations of strong Jewish families.

Each of our themes is based on the month in the Jewish calendar. 

Daily Schedule

4:45 – 5:05 – Down time (games, reading, catching up about the day)
5:05 – 5:25 – Snack
5:25 – 6:25 – Daily activity (tied to the theme of the month)
6:25 – 6:30 – Chores (clean up from activity)
6:30 – 7:00 – Dinner

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