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Chana Perel Handler, MSW, LISW-S
Executive Director

Chana Perel has a passion for helping children and young adults become the very best version of themselves. She believes that developing one’s own sense of identity, self-worth, and purpose is the key to a meaningful life. Chana Perel has worked with families and children in the community and school-based settings, outpatient and foster-care treatment, corrections, and inpatient mental health.

“Atideinu is a pioneer in the field of self-discovery and self-actualization. I’m so excited to have had the opportunity of being a part of its development and expansion.”

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Shira Schwarzmer
Program Director

A musician and educator with a talent for making learning fun, Shira has created hundreds of original and engaging Atideinu activities. Shira implements the Atideinu group activities, recognizing each child’s unique qualities and contributions to the group, and making each child shine.

“Working at Atideinu is not just my job; it’s my hobby, my self-care, and an integral part of my life.”

Rina Radcliffe
Alumni Director

Rina coordinates all aspects of the Alumni Program, from recruiting and training alumni advisors to developing group activities. Rina is a licensed intervention specialist and a licensed behavioral technician. In addition to her position at Atideinu, she teaches first grade at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland.

“Atideinu gives me the amazing opportunity to have a positive effect on young people.”

Tova Herskovic, MSW
Clinical Lead

Having worked with troubled teenagers for several years, Tova values early intervention and empowering young children. Tova holds a Master’s in Social Work and has extensive experience working as a clinician and educator. She provides valuable training and supervision to staff, coaches children through conflict, and facilitates important conversations in the program.

“Atideinu blends my love for Torah, my passion for education, and my drive to help build skills that help kids develop their best selves.”

Daniel Solganik, LISW-S
Team Leader

As a licensed independent social worker Daniel primarily works at a private practice and at a local social service agency. He has a deep appreciation for the importance of Atideinu’s work, having worked in residential treatment, foster care, and outpatient settings. Daniel has been a Atideinu Team Leader since it opened in 2015.

“This program is an amazing asset to the children it serves, the schools these kids go to, the families they are part of, and to the future of our Jewish community.”

Yehoshua Klein, BA
Team Leader

Yehoshua has several years’ experience helping children thrive in both classroom and mentoring roles. He holds a BA in Behavioral Science and serves a dual role as both a Team Leader and Alumni Advisor.

“Being able to offer insight and advice to the kids is a privilege and I love every moment of it.”

Cheryl Frank, LPC, AT
Team Leader

Cheryl‘s experience working with teenagers has solidified her belief about the importance of early intervention. Cheryl has a dual Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy and has worked in a variety of populations, including residential treatment, in-home, and school settings.

“I am blessed to be on the Atideinu team. This unique and innovative program changes lives.”

Shani Zuckerman
Team Leader

Shani is a Team Leader for both the boys and girls programs where she models confidence and a thirst for learning. She connects beautifully with the children and inspires them to exercise their skills effectively. Shani is pursuing a master’s degree in speech-language pathology.

“Children flourish in Atideinu’s positive environment! Our team makes a difference in kids’ lives!”

Tova Holstein, MA
Operations Manager

Tova works behind the scenes to make the program run smoothly. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has previous work experience as a therapist in various mental health settings. Tova is also a successful baby sleep consultant, with a 98% success rate training children to use their very first life skill: sleeping through the night.

“I feel privileged to work for such an important, life-changing program. Coming to work at Atideinu is one of the best parts of my day.”