Atideinu is temporary closed until further notice.

The unavoidable decision to cancel in-person Atideinu programming due to COVID-19 was upsetting for participants, staff and parents alike. At a bar mitzvah of an Atideinu boy, Chana Perel was lamenting the situation with sixth grade participant, Dassi Gross. Together, using their keen problem solving skills, a COVID-19 Response plan began to form. Chana Perel thought video conferencing might be an option. Excited about the possibilities, Dassi suggested sending activity kits to children’s homes before Pesach.

And so it began…Atideinu’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next day Chana Perel and Program Director Shira Schwarzmer pulled together a team of staff and children to put Dassi’s idea into action. Working in sync, they hustled and bustled, assembling 40+ beautiful take-home bags for our participants, complete with instructions and everything needed for each activity! Feedback was positive, and we began regular distribution of activity bags with both written and video instructions posted on Instagram.

Group programming via Zoom followed in short order, and has evolved to include creative activities we’d never done before.

This truly was a striking example of using our skills in problem solving, resourcefulness, participation, communication, and resilience!