Our Staff

Our Staff

Our staff is a fantastic group of dedicated individuals who together make up the awesome team that is Atideinu. Atideinu is transcendent. And it is our staff members, who give so much of themselves to create a wonderful program, who make that happen.

The children of Atideinu learn and develop so well thanks to our amazing staff. Meet our staff:

Chana Perel received her Master’s in Social Work in 2010. Over the past 10 years, she has worked with many populations and demographics, including families and children, geriatrics, community and school-based therapy, outpatient and foster care treatment and inpatient Mental Health. Chana Perel has a passion for helping children and young adults become the very best version of themselves. She firmly believes in the importance of self-actualization – helping people develop their own sense of identity, self-worth and purpose.

When asked about Atideinu, her response was,

“I feel humbled and fortunate to be part of such a revolutionary program that infuses young people with everything needed to thrive in life. Atideinu is a pioneer in the field of self-discovery and self-actualization and I’m so excited to be a part of its development and expansion.”

Ahuva received her Bachelor’s in Science and is currently in a Master’s program for her Clinical Counseling degree. Ahuva has years of experience running summer camps and most recently was a Head Counselor for Camp STEP, which has over 75 participants.

In addition to Ahuva’s programmatic and organizational skills, she has experience working as a teacher for elementary age students. Ahuva has a tremendous amount of energy and passion which she puts into making the Atideinu program rich and rewarding.

Ahuva’s experience, combined with her love of helping children become the best version of themselves, makes her the ideal candidate for Atideinu’s Program Director.

Rina was born and raised in Cleveland and has a passion for helping young people develop and maximize this stage of their life. Rina received her BA from CSU (Cleveland State University) in 2013 and has been teaching in HAC for the past several years. In addition to Rina’s teaching experience in all different settings with multiple demographics, she was an alumni advisor herself in the alumni program’s first year. Rina combines her talents in every area with her teaching and alumni advisor experience to create and run an amazing alumni program for Atideinu graduates.

Tova has Masters in Social Work and many years of experience working in the education and mental health fields. She loves being a part of the growth and development of children of all ages. Having worked extensively with teenagers for several years, Tova particularly values early intervention. When Tova first heard about Atideinu, she was enthralled with the idea of empowering young children. We are so happy that she joined our team as she’s already brought immeasurable value to Atideinu, with her multi-dimensional experiences and clinical perspective.

Devorah’s passion for working with children, combined with her experience in many diverse social and educational venues, make her an invaluable Atideinu staff member. Devorah has experience working at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, Yeshiva Darchei Torah of Far Rockaway, Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) and The Friendship Circle.

Her warm and understanding manner enables her to create strong and nurturing relationships with everyone around her. Devorah is currently pursuing an advanced degree in the field of Behavioral Health and states:

“I’m excited about being a team member at Atideinu and helping them fulfill their crucial mission”.

Shaina spent the last two years in Israel, finishing up her BA in Liberal Arts and working as a Madricha in a seminary.

Shaina has several years of experience working as a Counselor and Head Counselor in summer camps and has a passion for helping children learn in a fun and stimulating environment. Shaina also has experience working in high pressured office management and has excellent administrative skills.

Shaina brings her experience managing camps and running offices to help Atideinu continue to grow and flourish. We are so excited to welcome her to the team!

A biography of Nikki is forthcoming.

A biography of Brochy is forthcoming.

Daniel has over 10 years of experience working with families and children in a wide variety of settings. Daniel has worked in residential treatment, foster care, schools, homes and outpatient settings.

In addition to his Team Leader position in Atideinu, Daniel works at a private practice and is a supervisor in a non-profit Social Services agency in Cleveland. When Daniel joined Atideinu in 2015, he brought a spark and energy to the group that instantly made him a loved and valued team member. We are grateful and happy to welcome him back to Atideinu!

Yehoshua is completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science and has over 3 years of experience working with parents and educators to help children thrive in a classroom setting. Yehoshua has also mentored many children over the years and currently doubles as an Alumni Advisor to an Atideinu graduate.

Yehoshua’s insightful perspective assists Atidienu’s children with their social and emotional development.

“Being able to offer insight and advice to the kids is more than a perk of my job, it’s a privilege and I love every moment of it.”

I applaud Atideinu for its positive affect on my fourth grade students. Through guided discussions and honest group activities, plus loads of fun, the girls are taught to nurture their strengths, build social connections, and thus acquire self-esteem.

I believe ages 10-12 are the optimal time to build these skills so that the girls will be able to confidently navigate the teenage years. Atideinu’s proactive approach is the preventive measure that is 100% better than trying to seek a cure for more complicated problems that could arise.

-Selma Hellman, teacher in Hebrew Academy of Cleveland