Our Staff

Our Staff

Our staff is a fantastic group of dedicated individuals who together make up the awesome team that is Atideinu. Atideinu is transcendent. And it is our staff members, who give so much of themselves to create a wonderful program, who make that happen.

The children of Atideinu learn and develop so well thanks to our amazing staff. Meet our staff:

Chana Perel HandlerChana Perel has worked at Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau for several years, both as a therapist and as a cottage supervisor in one of their Intensive Treatment Units. Her experience working with young people in need of support and guidance is beyond compare. She brings all of her clinical experience, plus her innate sense of what a child needs emotionally, to Atideinu.


“Although I have worked in other environments, my reason for becoming a social worker has always has been to work with Jewish people.  Atideinu gives me the opportunity to use all of my skills working in the community I love.”

Shira SchwarzmerMrs. Schwarzmer has worked as an Intervention Specialist for Segula (a special education program designed to assist students in need of support in their academic environment) and has also taught 6th-grade General Studies for a number of years.

She has a love of music and art, and has taught music both privately and in a classroom setting. Her summer art camp for upper-elementary-school girls is in its third successful year.

We are very pleased that Mrs. Schwarzmer is sharing her experience and her desire to help young people fulfill their potential with Atideinu’s children.

Yocheved BelskyA lifelong Clevelander, Yocheved Belsky began her career as a high school teacher and elementary school tutor. She progressed into school administration and is widely regarded as a teacher’s teacher. Ms. Belsky has extensive experience coaching and mentoring both Judaic studies and secular studies teachers.

A graduate of Mosdos Ohr Hatorah and Hadar Bais Yaakov in Jerusalem, she inspires others from a Torah perspective and finds practical ways of reaching children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Generic WomanA short biography and photo of Tova is forthcoming.

Devorah CohenDevorah’s passion for working with children, combined with her experience in many diverse social and educational venues, make her an invaluable Atideinu staff member. Devorah has experience working at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, Yeshiva Darchei Torah of Far Rockaway, Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) and The Friendship Circle.

Her warm and understanding manner enables her to create strong and nurturing relationships with everyone around her. Devorah is currently pursuing an advanced degree in the field of Behavioral Health and states:

“I’m excited about being a team member at Atideinu and helping them fulfill their crucial mission”.

Yitty KovalYitty Koval received her Bachelor’s degree from Charter Oak State College. She has volunteered as a Big Sister for the Jewish Family Experience for many years and is a preschool teacher at their Sunday School. Additionally, Yitty ran a successful summer camp for children for three years. These experiences gave her strong leadership and mentoring skills which Yitty is excited to incorporate into her role as an Atideinu leader.

Rabbi Yitzchak SeligmanRabbi Yitzchok Seligman learned for many years in Yerushalayim, where he earned Semicha from Rav Moshe Sternbuch, shlita. He has many years of experience working with kids, including tutoring numerous boys and being a rabbi in summer camps. His of love of Torah and Yiddishkeit, combined with his warmth and care for others, makes him an invaluable part of Atideinu’s mission.

Sholom LevinsonMr. Levinson, a recent arrival from Far Rockaway, N.Y., has been involved with children in many different  settings, from individual to group. He has a passion for seeing and bringing out the potential in each and  every child he works with.

With his sensitive and caring nature and understanding of the challenges facing  children in the world today, he has the ability to really understand the needs of the children. We are very happy to have him on our staff.

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I applaud Atideinu for its positive affect on my fourth grade students. Through guided discussions and honest group activities, plus loads of fun, the girls are taught to nurture their strengths, build social connections, and thus acquire self-esteem.

I believe ages 10-12 are the optimal time to build these skills so that the girls will be able to confidently navigate the teenage years. Atideinu’s proactive approach is the preventive measure that is 100% better than trying to seek a cure for more complicated problems that could arise.

-Selma Hellman, teacher in Hebrew Academy of Cleveland